Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Deadlifts And Why They Are King!

What makes picking up a loaded barbell off the floor without any assistance or momentum so extraordinary or should I say the exercise to come out victorious out of all exercises? Is it the fact that deadlifts work the whole body from A-Z? Is it the idea that deadlifts pack on more muscle mass then the rest? Or is it simply because the amount of strength it requires to simply lift it is in a class of its own?

For whatever the reasons mentioned, it is actually guessed it! For the reasons mentioned! Seeing deadlifts in the gym is like seeing a freakin unicorn in real life. It may occur, but a very slim chance. Why do people avoid it? Simply because they are afraid to perform the lift, they don't know how, they do not want to look like a wuss
in front of everybody (that is right, I said it) or they are busy doing some type of exercise where you stand a bosu ball. By the way, how is that working for you?

Back to the topic! Deadlifts are a must for building some serious strength and conditioning throughout your body. Do you have lower back pain? Guess what, medication and NSAIDs (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) help, but why use them! Use a natural remedy such as exercise! Build your lower back strong enough to prevent any pain from occurring. Deadlifts help tremendously in this area as well as targeting the whole posterior chain.

Afraid to perform the deadlift? Well, Rome was not built in a day or so everyone says. This is why you learn as much as you can about the deadlift before attempting it. Learn the correct form first by searching videos or even articles pertaining to deadlifting correctly. You can always ask a trainer as well since many gyms should have qualified trainers. If not, then what the hell kind of gym are you at? Anyway, there are many resources on the deadlift and how to perform it. Youtube is a great place to find instructional videos.

Now we come to the part where most of you are afraid on how much weight you can do. Ok, maybe this only pertains to guys since they are always trying to pack on the weight. First off, do not put ridiculous amount of weight that you cannot handle. We know you want to impress the ladies or guys, but you don't want to end up walking like the 80 year old with a walker. Come on! It is not worth injuring yourself for a few minutes of fame. I mean, do you think Arnold started deadlifting 400+ when he began training? Do you think it took Ronnie Coleman a couple of days to deadlift 800? Start with light weight, then gradually move up. You do not want to ask to borrow the 80 year old's walker because you wanted to impress that girl from across the gym. Train hard, but train smart.

I guess that is it for now. We will update this blog with more useful information, stay tuned for that.
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